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John Copland & Son are able to deal with nearly all areas of legal expertise.

Family Law

Family Lay involves

Divorce & Other Areas of Matrimonial breakdown including property and financial settlements (known as Ancillary Relief), and also Domestic Violence and injunctive relief if an individual feels threatened by their partner.

Children Law – These can involve disputes between individuals over the residence and contact arrangements in relation to their children. Some families also experience difficulties involving Social Services, and this is known as Public Children Law. We have specific expertise in this area.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation covers a wide variety of areas of law but essentially covers were legal individuals (whether they be companies, businesses, groups or people), need the civil law to sort out a dispute between them. This includes;

Personal Injury – Where somebody has suffered an injury from an incident that was not their fault and are seeking compensation to put them back on their feet.

Debt Litigation – to recover unpaid money owed from someone else who will not pay.

Consumer Litigation – where somebody needs to take action to recover money for faulty goods.

The Civil Law is also used in many other areas of Law we refer to including

Company and Commercial Law – This can be about sorting out disputes between companies about business, but also helping successful trades, such as contracts, and businesses leases

Employment issues. Employment can be advising on terms and conditions or acting for employers or employees in relation to redundancies, compromise agreements, discrimination or dismissals.

Private Client work – Private client work is a term used by Lawyers to describe the areas of legal work in which we assist individuals with their personal affairs. This can include Trusts and Settlements, Elderly Client Services, Tax Planning, Wills and Probate, Power of Attorney and Court of Protection.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law involves assisting in representing individuals before the Court involved in the Criminal Justice system. It can involve anything from

Road Traffic Offences

Magistrates Court appearances

Crown Court appearances

We also have a specialist Prison Law Department including Human Rights Issues, sentence progression, disciplinary Adjudications and preparations and appearances before the Parole Board.

The Law is a huge and complicated area with many different specialism areas of expertise. Our first job is to identify exactly the sort of issues you have and then make sure that you have contact with someone who can help . We have developed strong links with many of the top chambers of Barristers in London and the South East. We tend to prefer to use specialist chambers of Barristers in a particular expertise in a particular area of law. When we find you a specialist Counsel therefore you can be sure that it is a person that we are confident that has real expertise in that subject.

We have also developed a wide range of contacts with Experts from Forensic Accountancy to Family Psychologists. We have a wide range of experts who can help provide important evidence in your case.

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