Quality Training and Experience

These days everyone has an opinion and the internet and social media is full of forthright advice and suggestions. But not all opinions are equally valid or well informed. There are even people setting up businesses charging money for ‘help’ with legal issues when completely unqualified to do so. Some of these are actually illegal as a number of types of work can ONLY be performed by a regulated legal practice. We believe that if you are paying money for a legal service you should be seen by a qualified practitioner and your case overseen by an experienced professional. If you choose to be represented by a firm of regulated solicitors you can be certain;

  • They are a qualified legal professional.
  • They adhere to a strict code of conduct.
  • They keep to strict accounting regulations to protect your money.
  • They are fully insured and backed in case anything goes wrong.
  • They are overseen and regulated by the SRA.

Check out the people section of this site to see the personal training and qualifications of our principal fee earners. However, it takes at least 6 years study and training to become a Solicitor of The Supreme Court of England and Wales. All of our solicitors have a law degree from a highly rated English university and have also studied for and taken the solicitors final examination at the Law Society’s College of Law. Thereafter a trainee solicitor has to undergo on the job training for about two years. They have to be supervised throughout and submit progress portfolios. When a solicitor finally qualifies they are admitted to the Roll but the training still does not stop. There are various compulsory courses on many topics such as client care, advocacy and business accounts. After that all solicitors must be certified to practice every year and in order to do that they must comply with stringent criteria including ongoing professional updating and skills training .So, we really do not understand why anyone would pay for a legal service that falls short of this!

In addition we have a number of extra accreditation qualifications for the services we run. These are mostly formal panels run by our professional body The Law Society who set best practice standards and check for genuine expertise in certain areas. We are accredited members of;

The Law Society Family Law Scheme,
The Law Society Criminal Litigation Scheme,
The Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme