Information is everything

In business, knowledge and the control of information is hugely important. There are times when business information is key to successful decision making and future planning and the security of your investment.
At John Copland & Son we can help this process. We have direct access search facilities of Companies House and of the Land Registry so we can check out other businesses, directors, filed accounts, assets and trading addresses. We can tell you who owns properties and other publically recorded information.

At times other agencies may want to investigate or scrutinise your business. We have assisted a number of businesses in this area when under investigation from agencies as diverse as the Environment Agency to Trading Standards. There are criminal sanctions possible against companies and indeed directors for a number of practice issues that you should be aware of when performing these duties and properly recording corporate information and corporate officers declarations.

Sometimes in order to investigate fully extra information is needed. We have worked with private investigators and process servers all around the world and throughout the UK. We regularly instruct genealogists to track down missing relatives and go back generations. We have found addresses of persons who have been missing or out of contact for decades. In this modern world of social media and digitalised records you will be surprised how relatively easily contact and other information can be obtained. Experts can also help in unravelling and interpreting evidence and information. We have used experts in many different fields including forensic accounting, handwriting ,mental health ,DNA, drug testing and numerous other medical fields. When involved in personal injury and accident cases we have used experts in fields including structural engineering, motor mechanics and in different fields of health and safety. Many experts will only take instructions if formally instructed to do so by a solicitor but if there is information that you need to help build or support your case we have a wealth of experience in working with experts and investigators.