Employment law

Employment law is an area in which we can assist either the employee or the employer. The issues that can develop during the employer/ employee relationship are numerous but the law sets out the duties which both sides owe towards each other. Simply knowing what the law provides and expects is often enough to resolve these issues. Other day to day problems are often sorted out by internal procedures but if trust between the parties becomes eroded an independent third party such as a law firm can sometimes assist.

Mostly lawyers get involved in employment issues either at the planning stage (setting out appropriate contract terms) or at the breakdown of an employment .This may be dealing with issues such as redundancy or dismissal, whether on disciplinary grounds or an unfair or wrongful dismissal .

Employment issues can feel very personal due to the length of time we spend at work but it’s important to bear in mind that they are just commercial contracts with financial consequences. Many terminations are currently settled using settlement agreements so that all parties know exactly where they stand and every issue is covered. We regularly advise on these providing independent legal advisers certification and can also advise and draft more complex arrangements such as directors retirements or management buyout contracts.