It’s not just a house it’s your home

Buying your own home is usually the largest financial commitment you make so it’s essential to us that you get complete security for your money.

Unfortunately moving house is also listed as one of the three most stressful experiences in life after a break up and a bereavement! We believe that there are a number of factors which add to the stress for the client, potential delay in the process and even worse mistakes taking place . We are committed to minimising the stress to you wherever possible.

Reasons to use us:

  1. People are often referred to lawyers a long way away. These are often huge firms churning out hundreds of cases at a time. Whilst many of them have excellent systems in place they are distant and can have:
    a) no personal contact with the client. Rather than a host of different voices on the end of the phone (after numerous security checks and periods on hold )we give you real people with real experience of the system.
    b) no personal knowledge of the area. We know our location really well .We can give you its history and most of us live in the immediate area as well .Our team will almost certainly have acted before in relation to property in the same location if it’s in our area .
    c) staff working in isolated sections of the process. Big firms often just provide experienced lawyers to ‘supervise ‘ the whole process and perhaps look at tricky cases . For most of the process they train staff to perform each separate part of the transaction. Sometimes this means that the person you are dealing with just doesn’t know or understand the whole picture. Our conveyancing team is small personal and deal with the whole transaction from start to finish.
  2. We are accepted by numerous mortgage lenders as panel members accredited to provide security for their lending on your home. They demand standards to cut down on the risks of mortgage fraud and issues which can undermine a property’s value. It’s vital to remember that these checks help protect the value of your investment as well as their security.

Buying or selling ?


If you are interesting in buying a domestic property call us for a quotation or advice . The process usually starts when an offer is accepted . Once this is confirmed and all the parties notified the sellers then provide the details and information about the house to us so that it can be checked . These precontract checks cover everything from whether the curtains are included to planning permission ,local hazards and liabilities and safety checks and guarantees. These can vary hugely depending on the area and the age of the property amongst other things.

Exchange of contracts

Once the buyer is entirely satisfied with the detail of the property and has the finance in place the parties will exchange contracts . This literally involves sending signed papers to each other and is a formal legal commitment to buy with the completion date firmly set (although it can be flexible in some cases such as new build developments)


This is usually the moving house day ! It is the day when the purchase balance is released and transferred and the keys handed over to the new owner. Often an entire chain of properties will complete on the same day with the funds from one sale being used for the next purchase.

Selling your home

For the sellers lawyers most of the work is done early in the process providing the information packs and answering the questions from the buyers representatives . Instructing us early will help get these together as well as arranging any extra searches or information ( such as energy certificates etc ) needed . You will need to complete detailed forms about what you know about the property ,the work that has been done on it and the fixtures and fittings that are part of the sale.


Buying and selling property at auction is becoming increasingly popular. Auctions are regularly held for property in our area and we act for sellers and buyers in this process. There are some particular variations to note with auction sale and if you are interested in buying at auction instruct us early to look at the information pack as exchange of contracts takes place on the day of the sale.

Selling a loved ones home

Eventually it comes around that a loved one is no longer at home. This might be selling an empty property because of moving away ,or they might have passed away or gone into residential care. In such cases we can offer a service to help in any way needed, even checking a property for valuable goods or documents or arranging its clearance if there are no relatives locally. We can ensure properties are insured and visited and sold and ensure the sale proceeds are fully and properly accounted for.


Whenever we are called to we will provide a full written quotation that is binding on us. It will show both our fees and the expected disbursements taxes and any other costs. Our fees for domestic conveyancing will always be competitive .