Resolving disputes

However hard we try to avoid them there are times in life when disputes arise (or threaten to), and receiving clear and accurate advice as to the legal position early on often solves the issue before it grows . Some issues however just have to be fought and won .There are a wide variety of disputes that affect ordinary people on a daily basis and our solicitors have over 60 years combined experience in dealing with such disputes and can provide the assistance you require.

Some examples of the types of disputes we commonly act in are as follows:
Contested Wills and dependency claims against Estates;

  1. Property and boundary disputes;
  2. Negligence and nuisance claims;
  3. Landlord and Tenant disputes;
  4. Debts recovery;
  5. Breach of Contract claims;
  6. Data Protection breach claims;
  7. Personal Injury;
  8. Employment disputes;
  9. Bankruptcy and Insolvency;
  10. Claims concerning interests in land (“TOLATA” Disputes);
  11. Professional Negligence Claims.


In certain circumstances we can offer fixed fees, deferred payments or conditional fee agreements (“no win, no fee”). Such arrangements are not available in all cases and we are always happy to discuss what options might be best suited to you. In some circumstances, you may in fact have the benefit of legal expenses cover under the terms of your home insurance policy.

Beyond any such agreements, we charge on an hourly basis; the particular rate reflecting the seniority of the relevant fee earner and the complexity and value of the matter. We always look to provide a clear estimate in advance and keep you updated throughout.
For a more detailed explanation of these arrangements please see the ‘costs’ section of this site.