Planning ahead

None of us like to think about death but it making plans brings peace of mind.


Making a Will is just a simple and really sensible thing that we should all get round to doing. A Will is a document that gives powers to those you appoint to sort out your affairs ( your ‘executors’) and instructions to them . It says what you want done with your assets and possessions (your ‘estate’) and who you want benefit ( your ‘beneficiaries’). These decisions are entirely private and personal to you and should not be influenced by anybody. A Will only has power after your death .

We have considerable experience in Will drafting from the very complicated to the simple. Our job will be to put your wishes down on paper whilst thinking of as many different situations that might occur in the future so that your will still reflects your wishes in any of them . Please be aware however that a Will is only a reflection of your current situation and should be reviewed every few years particularly if you experience any significant changes in your life. These can include marriage, children ,divorce ,bereavement or selling house or changing other major assets or living abroad .

When coming to us for a Will it really helps if you have a good idea of what you have ,and who you want to have it. It also really helps if you bring the full names and addresses of the friends and relatives who will be mentioned.

Pairs of Wills and ‘Mirror’ Wills

Some couples like to make provision for the future by ensuring that their wills read the same as each other’s and make provision for the survivor first whichever one that might end up being !

Charitable donations

Many people like to make charitable donations in a will . We can assist with this. There are some schemes in which charities will arrange for your Will to be free if you include them .


Probate is used as a general term to describe the area of work that sorts out someone’s affairs following their death .When someone dies formal authority is needed for their affairs to be sorted out . This may include paying their bills ,arranging a funeral ,gathering in their various bank accounts and savings ,dealing with other assets or items of value and clearing and selling their home . It is the name of the court involved (The Probate Registry) and the legal order obtained (the Grant of Probate). We can be instructed in this work as professional executors under a Will or to act by the Executors themselves . Where there is no Will the next of kin can apply to be appointed as Administrators. We can assist with this process and be instructed by them also .

Sorting out someone’s affairs can be a long process. It is extremely important that it is entirely thorough and properly deals with all aspects of their life which can involve going back many years . There are also issues of inheritance tax which must be properly accounted for . Unfortunately it is the case that these processes can lead to considerable family tension and mistrust. We often find that we are instructed specifically to avoid or minimise this as we are of completely impartial and fully accountable in the process.