They owe me money!

Few things can be as frustrating for a business or individual as when the job has been done or the goods supplied and payment just does not arrive. Unfortunately it happens to everyone in business – even lawyers! We can help set out your options and the likely costs ,timescale ,and chances of recovery. We can give a good overview of the likely strengths or weaknesses in a case which helps you make a decision on how to proceed.

Similarly speaking if someone keeps demanding money when you really don’t think it’s owed the last thing you expect to have to deal with is a county court claim form setting out their unfair demands. If you do get this it’s important to take action promptly so your opportunity to properly defend the case is not lost or judgment entered in default.


Remember that even if you win a case and get a CCJ that the money is owed you still have to physically get the cash into your account. The enforcement of judgement and any accompanying costs orders is a specialist area of law in itself. If you have obtained or received a CCJ and need advice on how to enforce it or challenge it feel free to contact Mr Sam Bancroft in the first instance .