5 reasons to work with John Copland & Sons

  1. We provide an individual service with a properly trained and experienced lawyer taking responsibility for your case and giving face to face advice. Whilst we aim to deal with the technical legal process of your case efficiently we also expect to discuss the important questions like : “is it a good deal?” ;”is there a downside?” and “is it risky?”.
  2. We aim to provide you with good lawyers representing good value for money. We aim to be as open about prices as possible. Please feel free to compare us on with other firms .Details of the lawyers who would be individually responsible for your case are in the “Our People” section. If you are shopping around check you are looking at like for like. Our Senior Partner will probably have a higher hourly charging rate than another firm’s Trainee.
  3. If you have a legal issue which is helped by a very detailed knowledge of the Sheppey Swale and North Kent area we can help. Our knowledge of the people, property, history, geography and industry is considerable .In some cases that can be a big advantage.
  4. We rely on repeat business and recommendation. We do not pay estate agents, financial advisors or claims management companies who “recommend” or “refer” a client to us. We advertise very little which keeps our running costs and fees down.
  5. We are lawyers by vocation. Our lawyers are committed to and motivated by sorting out legal problems for people whilst sustaining our business and making a decent living .We are fully aware of just how much some other firms of lawyers charge. We still do some Legal Aid work but this is now mostly limited to child care .